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At InnOvate Podiatry our mission is to ELIMINATE your foot pain and restore your feet and lower limb to their CORRECT function.. QUICKLY!

We use the LATEST technology, BEST feedback systems and the HIGHEST quality products – and even better.. we provide this FREE to all clients with Private Health Insurance – Podiatry extras.

It is our express concern to provide the best quality health care for your lower limb – at the BEST price available. We currently combine all our orthotic treatments with complimentary ACUPUNCTURE, customised STRETCHING and STRENGTHENING routines. And FOOTWEAR advice.

“If you’re having pain in your feet, InnOvate Customised Orthotics may be the best thing you can invest in to help support and re-align your feet”
  • Do you have strange aches and pains in your feet, ankle, legs, knees or lower back?
  • Do you need support for flat feet, bunions, collapsed arches or tired feet?
  • Are your running shoes top of the line, yet you still aren’t able to run to your ability due to pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions than InnOvate Custom Orthotics may be the best thing you can invest in to help support and re-align your feet. A functional InnOvate Insole is made and customised to the specifications of your feet including, size, shape, condition and uses. These insoles will change how your feet function in your footwear, stopping abnormal and destructive movements and allowing pain free motion for your needs.

World Class Orthotic Laboratory!

InnOvate Podiatry is VERY proud to announce we now have the very best in premium made, medically graded EVA custom orthotics available to our patients.

Our clinic has invested in Australia’s TOP exclusive orthotic 3D foot scanner and software.. giving you access to the BEST custom made orthotics you have ever worn – or your money back!

The end result is a unique orthotic for every client, specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

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Podiatrist Nicholas Barnes

Innovate Podiatry

Principle Podiatrist: Nicholas Barnes
Prahran: 139 High Street, Prahran, VIC 3181
Ph: 9510 5500

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Principle Podiatrist:
Nicholas Barnes
Provider Number: 433030MH
ABN: 1788 121 5037

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