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Definition and Causative factors

Bunions are one of the MOST COMMON foot disorders we see DAILY at InnOvate Podiatry. There are MANY REASONS why this deformity occurs, and 2 KEY things you can do TODAY to start fixing them.

  • Biomechanical factors (pronation)
  • Ligament Dysfunction (laxity/ hypermobility)
  • Hereditary factors
  • Footwear habits
  • Foot type

Treatment for bunions

At InnOvate Podiatry we IMMEDIATELY being treatment with our custom bunion splints and footwear support to reduce the causative factors. Realigning the foot with the aid of an orthotic will prevent further degeneration and reduce symptoms. Our bunion night splints work to re-position and STRAIGHTEN your toe over night, and work quickly to achieve a noticable result within 2-3 WEEKS!

On your initial consultation we take photo evidence and begin tracking the improvement of your bunions from Day 1. We start to note improvements within as little as 3 weeks and by 3-6 months typically see MARKED improvements in your bunion deformity. Photo comparison of Day 1 – review appointments ensures you’re seeing the results you deserve, and helps keep you on track during your period of treatment.

Make an appointment to see one of our experienced Podiatrists TODAY and start getting RID of your bunions. Call (03) 9510 5500 or book online at www.innovatepodiatry.com.au

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